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Metro Pole Setting

Current Projects

Projects AT&T Lightgig/Gigapower Project - Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Kansas City. Metro Pole Setting is placing both aerial and underground fiber for this new and exciting AT&T project. This project places millions of feet of fiber along with hand holes, pole mount terminals, and PFP cabinets.

DISD project (Dallas Independent School District)
As the prime contractor for Fiber light that was responsible for placing over 150 miles of fiber to over 100 DISD schools. We installed the fiber by both aerial and underground methods. This project took 10 months to build and was completed on time.

Additional Projects
Metro Pole Setting placed the aerial fiber for Private Unite for the Allen Independent School District.

We placed over 100 miles of ADSS aerial fiber for Current Communications who managed the Oncor broadband over power project for the Dallas, Texas market in 2007. This fiber was placed in the power zone by our power lineman.

In 2005 we were the Prime Contractor working for Goodman Networks who managed the Alcatel/Lucent FTTN Project Light speed fiber plan. Southwestern Bell Company hired Alcatel to build this fiber optic infrastructure system. We placed over 300,000 feet of both aerial and underground fiber in the City of Richardson.

We placed many miles of fiber for Windstream in the City of Corpus Christi.

We subcontracted for Mastec on an AT&T project in Brady, Texas pulling over 10 miles of fiber.

We set over 100 poles for the USS project.

We set over 75 poles and placed 4 miles of copper cable for AT&T on Singleton Blvd for the West Dallas Beautification project.

We set over 50 poles for the Dallas Love Field Parking lot project.

We had a two year contract in the late 90's for Valor Communications in the Texarkana area to replace many miles of defective copper cables and telephone poles.